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Frequently asked questions???

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How much do you charge?


As every event differs in terms of the nature and type of engagement please contact us for a competitive quote.  You will be surprised at how affordable we are when you compare our prices with say, booking a DJ.

And our prices don't double when you mention the 'Wedding' word!


How far in advance of my event can i book the band?


We usually accept a booking up to 12 months from the enquiry date.


May I see the band play before we book you?


We actively encourage potential clients to see us perform, as we also play publically at a variety of select venues. As these are predominately nightclub settings, some of the material performed may differ to that of a wedding. 

Our DVD was filmed completely live, and is a good representation of what to expect from the band.

We are quite happy to meet with you in person or communicate via email e.t.c to discuss any details before the big day.


What sort of music do you play? Does the band play requests?


We can play a wide variety of popular music spanning from the late 50’s to the modern chart. The aim is to play songs that will please all ages and tastes and get maximum enjoyment.

Our full playlist is available for you to view, and we are quite capable of learning your special requests, if given enough notice.  This may incur a small additional fee to cover rehearsal costs.


How long have you been together? Where have you played?


The band has been performing for 3 years, and the members have performed with each other in previous groups prior to this.  The band has had plenty of experience performing at weddings/functions both locally and UK wide.


Will your band turn down if we ask you to?


A common concern with considering live music is that the band may be too loud.  We always play at an appropriate level for the size of the venue, own quality equipment and work closely with the venues management to assure this.  On many occasions we have been overpowered by in house Djs working at the same location.


How long do you play for?


Our usual playing times are 2 x 45 minute sets with an additional encore. Between our sets we can play background music through our sound system at no extra charge. If you want to compile a collection of background music to play this can be arranged.

As a further option we can supply a professional DJ to work alongside the band (extra fee involved)


How long do you take to set up?


We would usually require an hour to get our equipment in and set up; we will endeavour to be as discrete and punctual as possible. On completion we will conduct a short sound check, and get changed into our stage clothes, so we look - and sound the part, for your special day.